Trade Education's Growing Popularity

by Doug Schmitt
Trade Education's Growing Popularity

For many years now, trade and vocational training has been considered the best route for students who didn't "make the cut" for college, be it due to financial problems, grades, or SAT scores.

Over the years, this perception of vocational training led to a decline in the number of available skilled workers in professions such as auto repair, CAD, HVAC, and welding.

But the job market needs these workers.

Some of the most in-demand jobs require trade school training, and many, such as avionics, carpentry, electrical repair, and truck driving, are considered recession-proof.

Trade education is expanding, both on-campus and online, and its popularity is growing as the demand for skilled workers increases.

A number of online trade/vocational programs include:

Online programs cover the same material that on-campus programs cover, but they give you the convenience of studying at a location and time that you choose. Of course, many of these programs involve hands-on experience (literally!), which will require completing an internship.

As older skilled workers continue to retire, new job openings will continue to appear across the variety of trades that make up a huge part of the economy. Without skilled workers, these positions remain unfilled; companies are getting desperate, and salaries are climbing.

Considering these variables, an online trade education could be the perfect solution for working adults considering a career change!

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